"If I Brewed the World" is trying to do just that beer by beer. All part of the master plan.

I/we brewed. We brewed a lot. And we drank a lot. And then I got some awards (30 and counting including a National and a Best of Show). And I tried to brew a lot of weird stuff too (even a beer using yeast harvested from a flower in the yard).

We created a whole business making spent grain treats (spent grain = grains leftover after brewing) along with Stout jam and root beer that was a lot of fun and we learned a lot.

Now we’ve created this coffee table-style book to showcase all the memories captured throughout the years of brewing accompanied by rousing insights. This book is fun, interesting, and a capturing piece of work that stands on its own outside of anything we’ve done or will do.

We could quit here… but there’s an ulterior motive. That motive being the ultimate goal of opening up our own place to further this addiction and the time has come to risk it all.

The beer is the medium that allows for the portrait. We never want to sell paint, we want to be the art gallery. 

We are selling this Beer Bar book for $19.99 and we would be very happy if you only wanted to help by purchasing the book... but we would be ecstatic if you're willing to contribute even more to see where this wild ride will take us.

This site is set up to allow any contribution amount for the book to help us with funding, with a minimum being the $19.99.

Anybody who donates $500 will get their first beer free every time they come in (only for you no giving away) for 1 year from start date, $1000 or above will have their names added to a plaque that will eventually be hung up in the establishment, for $5,000 you can brew with the head brewer a recipe of your choice (that we can hash out later), and any donations of $10,000 or above will receive all of the above plus a party in your honor with the beer that we brewed that you can invite guests to and look awesome.  

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